Project Oversight & Consultation

How Diane's Project Oversight Can Help

Although this falls outside of the listing agreement, I am often asked to oversee and make recommendations for renovations of properties for clients. I give a list of contractors and vendors but it is up to the client to check them out as well. Recently, I oversaw and managed 3 complete renovations and many more in the past.
A fee is charged for this service which we can discuss. It can be as big as a total renovation to installing a siingle toilet! Responsibilities include, obtaining a contractor or you can get your own, getting the construction rules for the building, helping with selections, keeping the project going and ultimately having the property cleaned and ready for listing. I will also help with Staging, which is critical and arranging a move. In the case of Sellers, I can help locate a company who will assist with getting rid of your things and emptying out your unit and finding the right moving company for you. — Diane.

Common Project Oversight & Consultation Questions

I will make a few recommendations but you will have to talk with them and make your own judgement after consulting with their references. You may also use your own contractor. In overseeing a project, I will discuss design, get the contractor to submit insurance, etc. and follow through with the building management or with the Village or City where property is located.

I will be present to check in on the project at least once per week.

Each project is different. It depends entirely on the scope of the project. I will quote you a price for oversight. There is a big difference between supervising a toilet installation to a total renovation of a property. Completion time also depends on the ease or complexity of the project. We can discuss my fees.